Sar Yazd Castle

sar yazd castel

Sar Yazd Castle; Clay and mud safe is one of the best travel options for those interested in history and architecture. This fort is located in one of the villages of Yazd province called “Sar yazd”. Sar yzad beautiful castle, which is located in a village of the same name on the road from Yazd to Kerman, has an area of ​​about 8,000 square meters and has 468 rooms in its heart. At first glance, when I saw the fortress from the outside, I imagined that behind this brick wall, I was going to see the remains of the ruins of an old building, of which only the name remains, like many of the ancient monuments of our country. But after crossing the bridge that was placed on the ditches around the castle and in front of the main entrance, a strange and interesting atmosphere appeared in front of my eyes; Arched corridors that branched off into two passages on both sides, each with an attractive view. Upon entering each of these passages, cells and chambers were seen, the grandeur of their architecture – in terms of being brick – dazzled the eyes of every spectator.

Cells with beautiful ledges, windows, and fireplaces that may not have symbolized permanent life, but displayed an interesting structure that encouraged one to walk through them all and, with great curiosity, discover the difference between each. Behind the brick fence I had first seen was the “first safe deposit box of Iran and the world”, which was built during the Sassanid rule and was built on three floors. This fort, unlike the “castle” it carries with it, was not built for defense or military purposes, and it had no such use, and was only a place to store grain, gold, jewelry, and money.

Sar yzad Castle has an area of ​​about 8,000 square meters and has 468 rooms in its heart. Its architecture, like most of the old military fortifications in Iran, has two walls with a tower and a watchtower. Around the walls in the outer part, a moat about 6 meters wide and three to four meters deep has been dug to eliminate any possibility of the building being captured by enemies or thieves. Sar yzad Fortress has two movable main doors that can be opened and closed from the bottom up by special ropes and pulleys.

In the second, the back is installed in the main door and has the status of a backup. In this way, if it was broken by the enemy in the main, it would be closed immediately in the second and it would not be possible to capture the castle. After crossing the moat and the main gate, when you move straight ahead, you will reach an area that leads to the top floor of the castle with very narrow brick stairs, and from there you can enter dozens of skillfully built brick rooms. . Bricks and plaster have also been used in the construction of these cells, and decorations such as framing and fireplace making can be seen in them. Although the cells were not inhabited by the people of Yazd in ancient times, they were considered a refuge for crisis situations.

Now you may be wondering, if these rooms are just a place to store property and food, why do they have windows, fireplaces or wall decorations? The answer is that although these cells were not inhabited by the people of Yazd in ancient times, but they were considered a refuge for times of crisis. When the enemies invaded the city, the families took refuge in these cells, each with its own door and key, and protected their lives and property together.

From the top floor of the Sar Yazd castle you could see the surrounding space and the domed ceilings of the rooms, which looked very amazing and unique. Walking through the narrow corridors and wandering in the rooms that did not have high ceilings, evoked history in mind and that people have always been able to leave works in history with their skill and initiative that are very attractive to see in today’s digital and advanced age. it is admirable.

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