Iran safety is important for all tourists who want travel to Iran. The four countries’ risks to tourists in the New Year were measured. The results of a study by the International SOS International Bureau of Risk Survey show that Iran’s level of security for foreign tourists in 2020 is on a par with that of countries such as France, China and the United States, and has effective security services.

Security of different countries is graded in four colors; So that Iran is one degree more secure for foreign tourists than Turkey, Saudi Arabia and even Russia. The global tourism market in the new year is affected by the US presidential election, terrorist operations in some countries, as well as conflicts in the Middle East.

Iran’s degree of security for tourists

The International SOS Risk Assessment Institute assessed the tourist risks of the world in 2020 in terms of four risk parameters, including “tourism safety”, “health of the tourist destination”, “road safety and tourist traffic”, and “natural disaster risk (earthquake)”. . According to ISNA surveys, at the end of each year, the International SOS Institute publishes a “Travel Risk Map” to better inform organizations, investors and tourists about the risks of the countries in which they operate and travel.

 This ranking shows the medical and health risks of each country, travel security risk and an overview of the risks at the destination. The plan described the trip to Iran as “low risk” and the security situation in Iran is similar to that of the United Kingdom, France, Sweden, Oman, the United Arab Emirates, Uzbekistan, China, the United States and Canada. This status is highlighted in yellow on the map. While neighboring countries such as Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Russia are slightly darker in color than Iran, security in these countries is “moderate”. Of course, parts of Iran, especially on the western and eastern border, have turned orange, indicating a “moderate” level of security. Iran safety