TRAVEL to IRAN, Iran is a beautiful and lovable country in the Middle East and a popular destination for history-loving and nature-loving tourists. A destination that has very attractive sights in its heart and from its south and center to the west, east and north, all and all is the bed of eye-catching beauties. Most parts of the country are in the most ideal weather conditions during the spring and autumn seasons, so much so that foreign tourists travel to Iran during this period. Of course, the fact that Iran is four seasons cannot be concealed, and it is unfair to simply ignore this point.

Isfahan travel

As you know, a beautiful city like Isfahan with its temperate climate, Zayandeh River and its historical monuments attracts many tourists every year to share culture and history. The capital of culture and the cradle of Islamic civilization is witnessing mild summers and beautiful winters, so the weather has a great impact on the number of tourists visiting Isfahan. Usually the best time to travel to Isfahan is the spring and autumn months, when the weather is cool enough and pleasant enough to enjoy the map of the world, the thirty-three bridges, the forty pillars and the eighth paradise.


Spring is where Nowruz travel begins. Favorable weather once again tempts all tourists. Especially when spring brings its beauty and fresh fragrance to all cities of Iran. The charm of Shiraz reaches its peak in spring and takes on the image of paradise. On the other hand, holding festivals such as the Balloon Festival, carpet exhibition, old photographs and various shows in May make domestic and foreign tourists eager to visit this city. Of course, the beauties of Shiraz are no less than spring in another season.


Visiting historic palaces and mansions, old streets, modern towers and buildings, and the pleasant nature of Tehran are tempting for domestic and foreign tourists, but the bustle of the city and air pollution make many loved ones hesitate to travel to the capital. As more Nowruz holiday capitals travel to other cities, the city becomes more secluded and it is easier to visit the attractions. On the other hand, Tehran is a city of four seasons due to its geographical location.

Ardabil and Tabriz

The heavenly climate of the cities of Tabriz and Ardabil in the spring and summer seasons sweeten the taste of the holidays for everyone. The summers of Ardabil and Tabriz are very cool and have many historical attractions and museums. The two cities change their face and turn white in winter. If you love snow and snowmen, we must say that winter gives spectacular faces to Tabriz and Ardabil, and in the city of Tabriz, a snowman festival is also held, which is very spectacular.


As you know, in recent years, with the registration of a part of the historical context of Yazd in the UNESCO cultural heritage, the fame of this city has gone beyond the borders of Iran, and considering that it is the first brick city in the world, it has fascinated many fans. Beautiful spring, warm summer, mild winter and pleasant autumn are the characteristics of this city.

Northern regions

It has long been a popular destination for tourists in the lush and scenic northern region, and the popularity of this region has not diminished. Spectacular nature, beach, Caspian Sea, dense forests and delicious northern food are welcomed by the people throughout the year. These areas have beautiful springs, mild summers and rainy winters and autumns.

Southern regions

When the western regions of the country are covered with winter snow, the southern regions of Iran become a touring paradise with their mild weather. Tourist islands such as Kish and Qeshm with their exciting entertainment and unique nature have become one of the most popular travel destinations in Iran for many years.