Lari House

lari house

One of the most beautiful and lovable attractions of Shahrizad is the Lari House, which is one of the oldest mansions in the city and with its many different parts has been able to be the center of many tourists. The area of this house is about 1700 meters, which is the main infrastructure of about 1200 meters.

This historical monument in 1996 was able to register its name as one of the most valuable national monuments of Iran. Mirror work and very magnificent and historical architecture of Lari House in Yazd fascinates every viewer. This house is one of the most beautiful and largest houses of aristocrats that have been able to display the architecture of the thirteenth century well.

One of the most important factors that have made the Lari House in Yazd one of the most visited and unique historical attractions of this city is its very long history. The house is about 270 years ago that the descendants of this generation lived in this house for a long time and today this house is under the supervision of the cultural heritage of this province.

All the items in this house are the best and most obvious examples of the thirteenth century, which any tourist can bring to this house and walk in this house can bring very unique moments. During the different periods of this house, many nobles and aristocrats lived in this house and were able to reconstruct and repair different parts of it in order to return to their present form.

The architecture of Lari’s house is very unique and spectacular, so that every part and interior of this house has a very magnificent architecture and interior design style, and this has caused many designers to be inspired by the architecture in this house. To take. Existence of porches, corridors, windbreaks, high walls, materials and decorations, mirror work, plastering, many different columns in the halls are the most important architectural items used in this house. All the materials used in the house of the trucks in Yazd are very compatible with the climatic conditions of this city and this has caused this house to be able to last for many years without destruction.

One of the most important and main items used in this house is the use of wind deflectors, which has caused this building to trap cool air inside the house in hot seasons. The use of colorful doors and windows with very unique and beautiful glass has added wonder and very interesting design to this house that foreign tourists also enjoy seeing this house and its architecture.

The house of trucks in Yazd consists of different parts and sections, the most important and main of which are the following:

Large porch of the house: The large porch of the house is located in the southwest side, which shows the value of this house and is very high.

Sunset: It is one of the most lovely parts that is embedded on the azure pool.

Windbreak porch: Windbreak porches are one of the most prominent parts of this house.

Basement: The basement of this house has a depth of 6 meters. 38 steps are connected to the house, which is one of the most important and main parts of this house.

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