Sarv-e Abarkuh

Sarv-e Abarkuh

Sarv-e Abarkuh 4500-year-old Cypress

Abarkuh is a city in Yazd province. This sentence is enough to know that one of the oldest trees in the world can be seen in one of the most ancient areas. Cypress is a tree that has always been associated with the history of Iranians, from symbols to ancient Persian poetry, this tree can be seen. But Sarv-e Abarkuh )Cypress (has a different story. Imagine that you have been living on earth for about four thousand five hundred years. What you have not seen and what you have not heard. Some people say to themselves that if this servant could speak, what interesting stories could be heard from him. This tree is the oldest living heritage of Iran, the protection of which is very important, and another important thing is that when you visit Yazd, do not forget to visit this living creature. To see Sarv-e Abarkuh, you should go to Yazd province and visit this city, along with other foreign and Iranian tourists.

When researchers began studying the Sarve, scientists from Japan and Russia concluded that it was about 8,000 years old. However, more detailed studies after the study of Alexander Ruf, a Russian scientist, showed that the Sarv-e Abarkuh has lived for between 4 and 4,500 years. The book Nozhat al-Qulub, written by Hamdallah Mostofi in 740 AH, has a phrase describing this cypress, which says: “There is a cypress that is very famous in the world.  “If Sarv Kashmir and Balkh were famous and now it is taller and bigger than them.” Sarv-e Abarkuh was selected as the third national natural monument in 2004 and was registered in this list. Many people have come to see this Sarv so far and have called it very strange and perhaps mysterious.

The ancient yen is now 25 meters high. The crown of a tree is about 14 meters long and its trunk is about 4 meters or more in diameter. The branches of Sarv-e Abarkuh have a diameter of 1.85 meters, which surround the tree very magnificently. According to research conducted on the oldest trees in the world, this tree is the second oldest tree in the world after California (spruce tree in the mountains of the White Mountains) in California. Cypress species is one of the Mediterranean cedars with the scientific name of Cuppresus Sempervirens.

There are many myths and legends about cypress. Some believe that the seedlings of this cypress were planted by Noah. Of course, others say that the seedlings were planted by Noah, the son of Noah. There are other legends that believe that this cypress has a special spirit that can sustain itself. After all, all these myths are stories that are impossible to prove. The important thing is that this cypress continues its life and amazes people.

This cypress is located in an open space that has been fenced off for some time, which, in addition to emphasizing its importance, makes it well protected. Of course, some believe that further recognition of this cypress will be to its detriment. The existence of the streets that lead to it has polluted it, and perhaps the volume of tourists and the vehicles that pass by it will have a negative and destructive effect on the roots of this ancient tree that has grown underground. Of course, the Cultural Heritage and Tourism Organization of Yazd Province has taken measures such as killing its existing pests so that Sarv-e Abarkuh  can continue to live as it did thousands of years ago.

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