Harijan waterfall

Harijan waterfall

Harijan waterfall is one of the districts of Kalardasht in Mazandaran province.

Since this waterfall is located near the pristine village of Harijan, you have the chance to pass through this beautiful village to reach it. Watching the old texture of the village and its beautiful nature fills your whole being with peace.

Harijan village has a small population and there is a pleasant silence in it. Passing through this village will be one of the attractions of your one-day trip to Harijan. Harijan waterfall, in the west of this village, is another attraction that completes your trip. This waterfall is located in a green and pleasant plain. Watching the wild flowers of the plain and listening to the singing of birds will enchant you. Harijan is one of the protected areas and hunting is prohibited in it

Spring is the best time to travel to Harijan. In this season, the plains around the waterfall are full of beautiful wild flowers. In addition, Harijan waterfall is very full of water in cold seasons, but it will be difficult and dangerous to go here. In the summer season, the water of the waterfall will be very low and its beauty will not be as beautiful as in the spring season.

Harijan Siah Bisheh waterfall spreads beautifully down from the top of the mountain like a white wedding dress range. Waters pouring down from huge mountains and solid boulders. The river takes many paths to reach its destination; But he has to be lucky to find the right position for the waterfall. This is why the waterfalls are limited and this beauty of nature, which is the result of rock and water party, attracts tourists. This waterfall is located above Harijan village. where you travel about 10 km from Chalus road. This beautiful and green village is the shelter of people who are still bound by the beautiful nature of Harijan. The big and limestone mountain above the village has huge rocks that the river has thrown from above and has given a beautiful look to the plain and the mountains. You can see the beauty of the waterfall from the bottom of the mountain

The pristine and green nature, high mountain rocks and a watery waterfall in its heart, fragrant and beautiful flowers and plant species in the plain, having special species of animals and birds such as the singing partridge, pleasant weather and the possibility of camping in a unique nature, outstanding natural features and tourism. This is the area.

Harijan village alone is an excellent area for tourism. This is why, from the very beginning of the trip, the green path and unique pastures will change your mood. After going on the Chalus road towards Siah Bisheh, you should gradually prepare yourself to see the Harijan protected area. This area is full of colorful wildflowers. Especially if you travel to this area in spring. Along with this green nature, the song of partridge and pheasant will delight you in another way. Can’t you not be surprised to hear this music of nature and see the beautiful waterfall among the bushes and rocks.

The waterfall flows down from the mountain above the village of Harijan and irrigates the slope of this huge mountain. To better enjoy the waterfall, walk to the top of the mountain

If you have a vacation of one or more days, easily buy a plane ticket and get yourself to Tehran or northern cities. In this way, you will go to Harijan Siah Bisheh waterfall on a pleasant morning and visit this mountain bride.

Harijan, with its old and new houses, has nothing less than the beauty of a village life. Walking in the meadows, climbing in the open areas of the mountains and smelling the scent of flowers and plants are other natural tourist attractions located near the Harijan Siah Bisheh waterfall.

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