Yazd Tower of Silence

Yazd Tower of Silence

Yazd Tower of Silence can be considered as one of the most important tourist attractions of this city, which is recommended for anyone to visit. Note that the Tower of Silence of Yazd is located near the city of Yazd and is only 15 km from the center of Yazd. This tower is located in an area called Safaieh in the southeastern part of Yazd. This tower is located on the slopes of a sedimentary mountain in this area called Dakhmeh.

The reason for naming this area can be considered as the existence of two tower-like buildings whose space is empty. This area is known as the Zoroastrian crypt or court, and these towers are known as Mankeji Hatria Tower and the newer tower called Golestan, respectively. The Tower of Silence in Yazd belongs to the Qajar period and is of great historical importance to Iranians, so visiting it can be enjoyable for everyone. Visiting the caves of this region is recommended to all tourists and undoubtedly all those who have traveled with the Yazd tour will visit this attraction.

The Tower of Silence consists of two towers, each of which will have different sizes, and the newer tower is higher than the older tower. Golestan crypt, which was built during the Qajar period, is about 25 meters high and its height from the hill is exactly 6 meters.

Mankeji crypt, which was built before Golestan crypt, has a height of 15 meters, and of course, these are not the only two towers that are located in this area, and you can see areas such as: clay and mud mansion, stone, brick mansion in the Tower of Silence in Yazd Also see mansions in a combination of all three materials. The tombs and shrines located on the western side of the Tower of Silence in Yazd are the oldest parts of this region, dating back to the Safavid era.

The Tower of Silence in Yazd had many uses and the only useful use was to place the dead in it. In ancient times, the tomb was a place where Zoroastrians buried their dead, and this ritual is observed in all Zoroastrians. This ritual continued for the Zoroastrians until about 40 years ago, and the people had the custom of placing their dead inside the tombs after performing special traditions so that they would become prey for vultures. And for this reason, the vultures of the mountains around this region fed on the dead of the Tower of Silence of Yazd.

In the middle of the empty space in the crypt is a well in which the bones of the dead were poured. The wells located in the middle of the crypt are known as masters. Today, the Tower of Silence of Yazd has become one of the most important tourist places in Yazd, which attracts many tourists from all over the world every year.

There were several religious ceremonies in the Tower of Silence, which were performed for the dead. About 150 to 200 meters from the Tower of Silence in Yazd, a small hut was built with raw materials made of clay and mud, and these crypts usually had several rooms to hold all kinds of ceremonies. One of the rooms in this structure was related to fires, and people who believed in fires lit fires in this room.

The firefighters believed that there should be enough fire in the room so that light would shine through the window inside the cellar room, and you should note that the dead man was inside the crypt for 3 days and should at night, they lit a fire in the crypt, and the light should not be dimmed in any way, and the inside of the crypt should be lit at all times.

The crypts of the Tower of Silence in Yazd were made of clay and plaster so that contaminated materials could not reach the ground. The construction of these crypts used 4 very large nails, 36 medium nails and also 260 small nails, and this had become a rule. One hundred strands of cotton were twisted and twisted around the crypt, and then a special hymn was sung and 300 small stones were thrown into the crypt.

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