The beautiful and scenic road of Elimistan belongs to a tourist village in the central part of Amel city, which is located at 20 km from Haraz road from Amel.

If you are interested in nature tourism and take your peace from seeing the greenery of the forests, Elimistan forest will be an attractive and suitable destination for you, because it is one of the most popular nature tourism areas in Iran and is part of the Hyrcanian forests of Iran. Recently, after many efforts, it has been registered as a world record in the UNESCO organization.

It is safe to say that this forest is considered as one of the most dreamy forests in Iran and it gives you the opportunity to watch the towering trees, away from mental worries. You have heard.

A lot of trees and the beautiful view of Damavand peak will attract your attention when you enter this beautiful forest. This forest is the place where a plant named “Elima” grows, the time of Elima’s growth is in May, that’s why they chose the name of Elimastan for it.

This local plant is very similar to chives and the locals use it in cooking local stew. If you can see a herd of wild horses, luck is with you, just don’t forget that those horses have not been tamed. Keep your distance from them so they don’t hurt you.

The best and most suitable place to enjoy the pristine nature and hiking is the Elimistan region. By going to the heart of this forest, you can enjoy its inexhaustible natural beauty and relax.

Around the forest and plain of Elimistan village, you will see many herds of horses that will be very suitable and good subjects for your photography, and will transport you to a different atmosphere for a moment. Just be sure not to disturb the peace of the horses because they They are wild and may hurt you so all you do is just enjoy the scenery.

In this area, the hiking trail starts from the village of Elimistan, and after passing through the plains and trees, you can reach the tomb of Imamzadeh Qasim, a place that has a special sanctity for the locals, and they refer to it as a religious and holy place.

Many go to Elimistan in spring and winter to conquer its famous peak which is 2510 meters high. The view that you will experience along this route will increase the pleasure of conquering this peak a hundred times. Throughout this climbing route, the view of Damavand peak is in front of your eyes at every moment and it will not go out of your sight. This will make you not feel tired. After you conquer the peak, you can stare at the landscape in front of you for hours.

There are many beauties on the way to the top. It is interesting to know that on the climbing route of Elimistan and before reaching the peak, you will see 10-meter holes, which are said to be the place of two large meteorites. Of course, the local legends indicate that these two holes are traces of Rostam’s knees, which knelt down to drink water in this area and the place of his knees remained in the form of two holes.  That is why many tourists are drawn to it.

In the month of May, the locals go to Gol Ghauzban plain in Qaladern region to pick a plant called “Zi Za” and “Gol Ghauzban”. The path of this area is not very steep and it takes approximately one and a half to two hours from Elimistan village to Qaladaran area.

Tourists with good taste can enter the village of Alimestan near the forest of Alimestan and enjoy the pristine scenery of Iran.

If you have a lot of time for sightseeing, we suggest you to visit the alley of gardens in the village, Shahandasht waterfall, Naseri inscription, Nava village, the invincible army of King Bahman, the unique scenery of Damavand Mountain. Experiencing it will travel fond memories in your life.

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