Ashkur village


One of the most beautiful tourist areas in Iran is Ashkur village. To see the beautiful village of Ashkur, you must travel to Rudsar city in Gilan province to see this wonderful village.

Ashkur village is part of Rahim Abad district of Rudsar city and is located in the south of Kalachai. Ashkur is a mountain and summer resort located along the Alborz mountain range. Locals also call Ashkur village Ashkorat. In fact, Ashkorat Rudsar is divided into 3 districts, which are: Lower Ashkor, Upper Ashkor, and Ashkor Shuil.

It is interesting to know that Ashkur reaches the mountain slopes of Rahim Abad from the north, Qazvin from the south, Amlesh, Rudbar and Alamut from the west, and the mountainous part of Ramsar-Tankabon city from the east.

Ashkur village is located along the Alborz mountain range, and for this reason, the weather conditions and nature of this village are mountainous. In Ashkorat, you can experience cold and snowy winters and cool and mild summers. Many residents of Ashkur village go to the city in autumn and winter, and the population of the village decreases; But with the arrival of spring and summer, the population of Ashkorat will increase again.

Scenic and natural attractions in Ashkorat village, Gilan province

In the Ashkorat area, you can see thick walnut, hazelnut and almond trees. Due to the presence of mineral water springs, clear rivers, many caves, rocky mountains, natural lakes and clean air, this area is one of the best sightseeing areas in Gilan, which always attracts the attention of Gilan tourists.

Among other attractions of Ashkorat region of Gilan province is Yazen long tunnel located in Yazen village.

One of the attractions of Eshkur Rudsar region is Aros and Damad Mountain, which is located in Ziyaz village. The bride and groom mountain is actually a stone mountain with a very steep slope, at the highest point of which there are two stone statues in the shape of a bride and groom, and for this reason, it is called the bride and groom mountain. The bride and groom mountain is very beautiful and magnificent and attracts your attention.

One of the beauties of the Ashkorat region of Gilan is Samad Abad village of Shuail district. Also visit Samad Abad village and other villages such as Delijan village, Giri village and Rudbarak village and enjoy the beauty of these areas.

The most important product of Ashkorat region of Rahimabad, Rudsar city is “Hazelnut”. In Ashkorat, 15 thousand families are engaged in hazelnut cultivation. This region supplies a high percentage of Iran’s need for hazelnuts, and in this regard, it ranks first in the country. Many hazelnut chocolates in Iran are made using hazelnuts planted in Ashkur village. In the village of Ashkorat, you can see shops that have bought hazelnuts from the owners of hazelnut gardens and sell them to you. Late spring is the time to pick fresh hazelnuts and sell them.

In addition to hazelnuts, you can see a variety of medicinal plants such as borage, violet, artichoke, angelica, nettle, gorse, marigold, edible mushrooms and other medicinal plants in Ashkorat; Because the summer climate of Ashkorat is perfect for the growth and cultivation of these medicinal plants.

Spring and summer season are the best time to visit Ashkorat Rodsar region

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