Shahzadeh Mahan Garden

Shahzadeh Mahan

One of the most beautiful cities in Iran is located in the southeast of Kerman province, where few people are aware of its more beauties and is largely abandoned among Iranian tourists. Meanwhile, foreign tourists have understood the unique beauties of this city more than our compatriots. Not only does Mahan have beautiful nature, but its heavenly climate has made it one of the coolest cities in the region. The city is located in the foothills of the Jopar and Pluvar Mountains and is home to the Shahzadeh Mahan Garden. Shahzadeh  Mahan Garden is one of the largest and most beautiful Iranian gardens that was born during the Qajar period and by the order of Mohammad Hassan Khan, Sardar Irvani, ruler of Kerman at the time of 1238 AH and its miracle is that it was built right in the middle of the desert. Has been. Shahzadeh Mahan Garden is located about 2 km from Mahan city and 35 km from the center of Kerman, and to reach it, you can take the Kerman-Bam road and reach it after about 25 km. This garden is like a paradise that rises in the middle of hell. In addition, the Shahzadeh Mahan  Garden is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. As mentioned, this garden is located in the middle of the road from Kerman to Bam and on the Silk Road, and this has increased its importance in ancient times.

One of the most important attractions of this garden is the presence of streams and towering trees that have created a beautiful contrast in the middle of the desert. You may be interested in how this development is possible in the heart of the desert? The water that flows in this garden is supplied from the aqueduct and the Tigran River, which originates from the snow of the heights of Mount Jopar. In addition, the steep slope of the ground causes water to flow in a stream from top to bottom in the Shahzadeh Mahan  garden. This water not only irrigates the Shahzadeh Mahan Garden, but also reaches the village of Moqassem Tigran and has settled there as well.

Another thing that is interesting about the Shahzadeh Mahan garden is the intelligent water supply system that was installed in the garden at that time and has guaranteed the development of the garden to this day. The flow of water is designed in the form of an atmosphere with two large pools on either side of it, and the fountains in these pools have created more freshness in the environment. These fountains can be seen everywhere in the Shahzadeh Mahan Garden, and there are few gardens in Iran that have used the fountains to such an extent and, of course, have placed them in the building with a specific purpose. The architecture of theShahzadeh Mahan Garden is a kind of Persian board garden and is built in an area of ​​7.5 hectares. There is a high fence around the garden and it has a beautiful entrance that will fascinate you with its beauty from the very beginning. Other beauties of this garden include the royal mansion, pools and streams, attic, secluded garden and beautiful waterfalls.

One of the unique features of this garden is its seasonal beauty; In such a way that the change of each season, its trees also adapt their beauties to the respective season. In the spring, lush trees always move back and forth with a unique turbulence with the breeze. However, with the arrival of autumn, the leaves of the trees turn orange and yellow, and its beauties amaze you.

The fit of the trees is also interesting in turn. The trees in the vicinity of the water atmosphere are taller than the trees around the wall and adjacent to the fence. This has given a beautiful and unique harmony to this garden. The presence of thick boxwoods at the peak of simplicity has pleased the garden. Now imagine the sound of birds being heard from the trees and the boxwood. The country’s cultural heritage organization has well proven its ability to maintain this collection, and all the contents of the garden look beautiful and uniform.

The main mansion of Shazdeh Mahan Garden dates back to the Qajar period. The mansion has a main hall on the ground floor and several eye-catching rooms on the second floor. The windows of the rooms are given a beautiful view of the mansion by the narrow and beautiful columns. Facade tiles also have Islamic and ancient Iranian designs. So that from the very beginning of the word to the garden, the feeling is conveyed to you that you have ridden the time machine and traveled to the Qajar era.

At night, bright lights and lanterns give a beautiful effect to the mansion. These lights are all hidden and turn on at sunset. When these lights come on, the main view of the minaret shows up and looks like a legendary palace from a distance. Many people prefer to visit at night; Because the silence of the night and the sound of the flowing stream of the garden as well as the loud birds take them away from the crowds of the city for a few minutes.

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