A memorable day in the nature of Golabdereh Tehran Golabdereh Tehran is the name of a valley in the north of the capital. Next to this valley, there is a neighborhood of the same name. Gulab Darreh is connected to Qasem and Darband shrines from all around. The climate of this region is excellent and cool, so it is one of the best sights in Tehran. In ancient times, this beautiful valley was full of big apple and rose trees. That is why it was called Golabdareh. Of course, in the beginning, due to the presence of many wolves in the area, it was known as the wolf of the valley. Later, the name of the valley was changed. Golabdereh Darband Park is located next to the mountains. This proximity has led many climbers to use this route to climb the peaks. Of course, mountaineering in this clean air and beautiful nature is really attractive and joyful. To go to this waterfall, you can start from the very beginning of the mountain. There are two dirt side roads in this place. You have to move from the left and get high. After a steep climb and about 45 minutes’ walk, you will see the waterfall. You can bring your picnic items with you. By the waterfall with clear water and the pleasant sound of the water flow, form a small walk with your friends or family. If you like, you can go to the top of the waterfall and sit next to another small waterfall. The density of trees and greenery of the valley will also increase as the route continues. There are water springs in the same direction. By drinking the clear water of these springs, you will feel a new life in your body. Golabdereh Tajrish River Golabdereh River is a small and watery river in the eastern part of Darband Tajrish River. This river passes west of Imamzadeh Ghasem and under the bridge of Darband Street. The end of Darband River reaches Tajrish river. This river also eventually flows into Cannes. Amenities of Gulab Darreh Restaurant, a great space to eat delicious food Gulabdereh restaurant with its delicious and quality food can complete your tour. The wide green space of Gulabdereh in Tehran is famous for its lush and beautiful nature. If you love nature, do not forget to go to Gulab Darreh. The large green space of this complex is also suitable for walking and walking in fresh air. Having stairs on the steep paths of Golabdereh Park is located in the heights. For this reason, its routes have a steep slope. The steps of this park have made walking and walking easier. You can easily walk in this park and have happy memories of this picnic in your mind. Pond and fountain, freshness and freshness in nature The pond and fountain of Tehran’s Golabdereh Park have doubled the freshness and freshness of this park. In addition to the beautiful sound of the water and the pleasant view of the waterfall, children can also use this environment for healthy play and fun. Playground, a place for children to have fun Golabdereh Park playground has provided a great collection for children and teenagers to play and have fun. Living platforms One of the great facilities of Golabdareh in Tehran, there are platforms for sitting and relaxing in different parts of the park. You can use these platforms whenever you are tired. Why go to Golabdere? The unique climate of Golabdere is known for its excellent and temperate climate. In any season of the year and any day of the week, you can use the cool air, the extremely beautiful greenery and the sound of small birds and you will have a good time.

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