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Milad Tower of Tehran is the sixth tallest tower in the world, that is also known as Tehran Tower. This tower was inaugurated in 2008. With a height of 435 meters, it is completely visible from any direction you approach Tehran. Watching the views of the city and the surrounding mountains, especially at sunset in Tehran, is spectacular and breathtaking. Today, Milad Tower has become one of the best cultural and recreational centers in Tehran and has many recreational and tourist attractions in its heart.

Introducing Milad Tower in Tehran

The skies of Tehran are dominated by a beautiful tower and a different symbol of Tehran, that is located in the west of Tehran, but can be easily seen from all over Tehran. Milad Tower in Tehran is a multi-purpose tower that today has the title of the sixth tallest tower in the world and the seventeenth tallest and most stable structure in the world. The height of Milad Tower with the antenna installed on it reaches 435 meters. The height of this tower is about half of Khalifa tower. It is interesting to know that the height of Burj Khalifa reaches 828 meters.

The architecture and pattern of the Milad Tower is very similar to that of the Minaret Tower in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The largest diameter of Milad Tower is related to its top building, that is located at a height of 280 meters and its diameter is 60 meters. This tower not only strengthens telecommunication and television functions in Tehran, but also has many recreational, cultural, artistic, commercial and service applications. An open-air platform, the Dome of the Sky, the Museum of Coins and Celebrities, excellent restaurants, a conference hall, etc. are some of the places that are located inside or next to this beautiful tower.

Milad Tower Architecture

Milad Tower of Tehran, as one of the most attractive structures in Iran, has a unique architecture and very high construction accuracy. Each concrete block used in this building and each weld performed has its own identity card. The weight of this structure is about 150,000 tons and 17,000 cubic meters of glass has been used in its use. The precision of this unique tower is unique. Precise tools have been used in the foundation and body of the tower to accurately examine the performance of the forces acting on the building. The tower is resistant to wind currents of up to 140 km / h and momentary hurricanes of up to 220 km / h.

The architecture and shape of Milad Tower is such that it consists of three main buildings. The building at the foot of the tower, also known as the lobby building, is the main shaft or body that connects to the top of the tower with the high-speed elevators installed inside, and finally the building at the top of the tower, known as the “top”. Being in this building is summed up.

 Milad Tower foot building (lobby)

This building is located at the bottom of Milad Tower and has 6 floors. The area of ​​this building is about 17,000 square meters. The first, second and lower floors of the ground floor belong to the facility and the tower data center. The ground floor is also a place to receive visitors from the tower. Milad Tower Shopping Center is located in this section and accommodates 83 commercial units. This shopping center is open to the public every day from 12:00 to 24:00. On the next floors of the building is a restaurant, cafeteria and an exhibition.

Main body

The main body of Milad Tower, also known as Shaft, is designed only for passing high-speed facilities and elevators. There are 6 elevators in this building that connect the lobby building to the Ross building. Of course, sensors such as air pollution sensors and traffic control cameras are also installed in this area.

Building above the tower (top)

The 2100-ton structure at the top of Milad Tower, which is also considered the most important part of the tower, is called the building at the top of the tower. The building carries the title of “the largest Ross structure” among all telecommunication towers in the world. The building at the top of the tower consists of 12 floors and has an area of ​​12,000 square meters. Most of the diameter of Milad Tower is 60 meters, that is located in this building at a height of 284 meters. This structure consists of two main parts called the metal basket and the upper structure.

The first floor of this building is a safe area in case of fire and crisis, and the second and third floors are the mechanical and electrical facilities of the building. Parts such as the sky dome, open viewing platform, closed viewing platform and Milad Tower revolving restaurant, which are the most important facilities of the tower, are located in this structure.

 How many steps does Milad Tower have?

The question has probably formed in your mind that how many steps does such a tall tower have? This Tower has 1693 steps. The record time for climbing these stairs is 10 minutes and 41 seconds

How many floors is Milad Tower?

How many floors do you think Milad Tower is? The tower generally consists of 12 floors. But to better answer this question, we need to explain more about its architecture and structure. The building at the foot of the tower (lobby), the main body and the building at the top of the tower (the top) form these three parts, each of that has its own use and function.

Height of Milad Tower

This Tower is 435 meters high and can be seen from all over Tehran. This tower is the tallest tower in Iran and the sixth tallest telecommunication tower in the world.

Excursion to Milad Tower

Milad Tower of Tehran, as the main symbol of Tehran, has very good entertainment facilities. For this reason, walking around Milad Tower has become one of the entertainment options in Tehran for many years. The 435-meter Milad Tower has excellent tourist facilities for entertainment. The Dome of the Sky, Open View Platform, Closed View Platform, Milad Tower International Conference Center, Coin Museum and Museum of Fame are among the attractive tourist facilities of this tower.

Dome of the Sky

The 301-meter level of Milad Tower is one of the most exciting parts of the tower. The Dome of the Sky is located on the top floor of the building at the top of the tower, which is open to the public. This 13-meter dome with glass walls not only shows one of the most special views of Tehran, but also has a pleasant environment, showing the history of several thousand years of Iran.

All the paintings and arts that you see in the Dome of Asma are in fact a complete collection of symbols from the ancient history of Iran. You can see the fascinating path of Iranian evolution and art from ancient Iran to the Islamic era on the beautiful walls of the dome of the sky. The Dome of the Sky, that also hosts conferences such as Poetry Night, was built by Reza Yahyaei.

Watching Tehran from the height of Milad Tower, especially in a clean air or beautiful nights of Tehran, has its own pleasure. The open viewing platform and the closed viewing platform have not only provided this pleasure in the best possible way, but also provide you with a 360-degree view of Tehran, which is unique in its kind.

The open viewing platform of Milad Tower is on the seventh floor of the building above the tower and at a height of 285 meters. Where you can enjoy the cafeteria of the tower and walk in the open area of ​​this floor and enjoy the pure views of Tehran. Cameras have been installed in the open view platform to watch clearer and closer images of Tehran.

Attractive entertainments in Milad Tower

This Tower is not just a beautiful symbol in Tehran. It is true that one of the main goals when building this tower was to create the necessary space for telecommunication and television performance, but now this tower has become a multi-purpose tower. One of the good uses of this tower is to become a tourist attraction in Tehran. Next to the tower, there are a variety of restaurants and entertainment centers that entertain residents of Tehran and those who visit Tehran, in addition to seeing the beautiful tower. Milad Tower is now a cultural, artistic, service and commercial tower. Revolving Restaurant, Milad Tower Dolphinarium, Viona Cafe, Ivan Restaurant, Escape Room, Paintball, Cinema, Zip Line, Suspension Bridge and… have caused thousands of people to visit this beautiful tower every day and use its facilities.

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