Lefur forest

Lefur Forest

Lefur Forest is a part of Hyrcanian forests that are several million years old and is considered one of the wonderful options for nature tourism. In addition, the said forest is the best option to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life and experience peace and silence in the heart of nature due to its diverse vegetation, clean air and numerous waterfalls.

Lefur forest not only provides you with a different nature tourism opportunity, but also has many attractions in its heart, including many waterfalls such as Haft Cascade, Gezo, Pelengdre, and Sklim Limestone Waterfall.

Lefour region has a long history, and discoveries such as stone molds, food jars, and the infrastructure of old houses prove this claim. The importance of Lefur forest is not only related to its vegetation and the presence of springs, waterfalls, trees, plants, birds and animal species together has made this area more attractive than ever. Lovers of nature tourism and forest climbing will definitely enjoy the adventure in this untouched forest.

Lefur forest is located in Lefur village in Swadkoh city of Mazandaran province, that leads from the south to Alborz heights, from the north to the Shirgah forests, from the west to the Babolkanar region, and from the east to the forests of the underwater and Jovarem areas. Lefur village is considered one of the interesting places in Swadkoh, which has many pristine and historical natural attractions, and therefore, this area has become one of Mazandaran’s tourist destinations.

There are seven large and small waterfalls in the western part of the forest, that are known as seven Tirkan waterfalls, and you need to hike for about two hours to see them. During the three-kilometer route, you will see small and big waterfalls, the highest of which is about 9 meters high, and a pond can be seen downstream. Watching the pristine nature and photographing all this beauty is one of the entertainments that you can experience in this area.

Azarroud Forest Park is a part of Lefur forests. Among the flora and fauna of this area, we can mention the presence of beech trees, aspen, parsnip, angelica, alder and animals such as boar, tree lizard, and jackal.

Eskilim waterfall is one of the tourist attractions of Mazandaran among the lush forests of Lefur, to reach it you have to prepare for a forest trek. This limestone waterfall is in the form of steps and is known as the most beautiful waterfall in Swadkoh. Interestingly, the waterfall is surrounded by all kinds of trees, which doubles its beauty.

Gezo waterfall is one of the highest waterfalls in Iran with a height of approximately 48 meters in Lefur forest, which is located about 40 km from the underwater city of Swadkoh. Imamzadeh of Gezo is near this waterfall, which is worth visiting. Interestingly, on the road leading to Imamzadeh, there are a number of fish breeding ponds where you can make grilled fish in the middle of nature by buying fish from them. The best time to visit Gezo waterfall is spring and autumn.

The Valley Leopard is considered one of the most famous sights of the Lefur forest area, and many tourists come here every year, especially in the hot season. There is a river in this area, which is a good place for water games. Also, at the end of the river, there is an eight-meter waterfall of Pelangdare, which you will reach by following this beautiful path.

The dam is located in the Lefur forest area. This dam has a very beautiful and pleasant landscape and for this reason it is crowded all year round. However, the access route to the Lefur Dam is equally charming and includes the forest, unique waterfalls and springs.

By traveling to this area, you can experience fishing in the lake and river, sightseeing in the villages, pure silence and peace, walking in the cold water of the river, etc.

Terez waterfall is located near Koran village in Swadkoh district. Along the way, there is a beautiful river, if you follow it, you will finally see the Therese waterfall.

One of the attractive parts of this route is a wooden bridge that crosses the river and can double the excitement of your trip. This limestone waterfall is one of the lesser-known destinations for forest trekking and nature tourism, which is 18 meters high and finally flows into the Babolrud river.

Spir and Jalsang waterfall located in northern Swadkoh in Lefour region, after a vigorous walk, you will hear the sound of the waterfall and a spectacular view will appear in front of you. Passing through the uprooted trees of Hyrkani and the silence and peace of the environment that you experience while reaching these waterfalls is worth this forest climbing and enduring the difficulty of the road.

Lefur forest is a part of Hyrcanian forests and there are many types of broad-leaved plants, many of which are native to Iran. Gospel trees with their special trunk and leaves are among these plants that have hard and strong wood and grow about 25 meters. The leaves of this tree turn orange, red and yellow in autumn, which is very spectacular and eye-catching. In general, there are about 80 species of plants in this forest, from mulberry trees to parsnips, beech, likki, etc., which show its diverse vegetation.

Lefour Forest and its surrounding areas have their own beauty in all four seasons;

Many go to this area with the aim of spending the night in Lefour Forest. One of the best places to camp is around Lefur Dam (Alborz Dam), which gives you the opportunity to watch the amazing view of the sunrise from behind the dam.

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