Kalut Shahdad Desert

shahdad kalut

Have you ever wondered where the hottest spot on earth is? If you do not know the answer to this question, you will be very surprised. Because the earth is the hottest spot, there is no place except in Shahdad Kalut region of Iran. This region is one of the unique and famous attractions of Iran and is one of the best places for recreation such as safari, desert climbing and scientific research in Iran. Kalut Shahdad Kerman can be briefly described in “Silence and Peace”. This natural attraction is unique in the world and there are similar examples in Utah, USA. Every year, many tourists from all over Iran and the world buy plane tickets to Kerman to visit the cliffs of Shahdad. Tourists in this area enjoy the exciting entertainment of safaris, desert climbing and desert camps in the fall. As mentioned at the beginning, the most important feature of the Kalut Shahdad region of Kerman is that it is known in the world as the “hottest spot on earth”. In addition, part of the Lut Plain is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The existence of such a valuable natural attraction in our country is a source of pride and honor. Visiting the cliffs of Shahdad Kerman can be one of the most beautiful and different experiences of your life.

You may be wondering what Kalut means and what it means. Kalut is the protrusions between the U-grooves. There is a smoothness at the top of these ridges which is located on the opposite side of the wind of this ridge with a sharp sloping surface. These forms are caused by sediments and erosions of very old and soft lakes and appear in the form of erosive hills. According to some, Kalut is composed of two words “Kol” meaning settlement and “Lut”, which is the name of the same region, namely Lut plain. The area of ​​Shahdad Kerman kalut is 11 square kilometers and was formed about 20,000 years ago due to wind and water erosion. Geologists have introduced Shahdad Kerman region as one of the hottest thermal poles of the earth. The length of Shahdad Kerman clots is 514 km and their width is 70 km and they are stretched from north to south.

Now it’s time to know how kalut are formed. Everywhere in the earth, kalut are formed by wind and water. In Kerman, 120-day winds blow from Sistan and Baluchestan, which erode the walls of Kalut and create this natural attraction. If it rains on the clots, you will see a new shape every time. Some experts believe that the river Shoor has a great impact on the kalut.

These rivers are located in the depths of the driest regions of Iran and their flow causes the walls of the clots to remain wet in the clout region of Shahdad, Kerman. The Shoor River is the only permanent river that flows in the heart of the Lut Desert. This river originates from the mountains north of Birjand and after passing through a winding 200 km route, it reaches the hole of the salt mine and the salt mountain of Seria in the southeast. The reason why the water of this river is too salty is its passage through the heart of the deserts, which at the same time dissolves large amounts of salts and salt in it.

There are many exciting entertainments in Kalut Shahdad, Kerman. Another enjoyable pastime of Kalut Shahdad Kerman is camel riding. Camel riding in the desert feels great and gives you the feeling of old and Arabic movies. Photography and hiking are a must for desert climbing. In this area, you can take beautiful and special photos. Walking and photography in Kalut Shahdad, Kerman is really enjoyable. At the end of the night, do not miss watching the starry sky of the desert. You will not see this beautiful combination of different and amazing landscapes anywhere. Watching the sky, which is full of stars like cartoons, is a pure and unforgettable experience.

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